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Auto Glass and Windshield Replacement near Denver, Colorado

Auto Glass AAA - Denver, CO

Drivers in Denver, Colorado, whose vehicle has suffered a chipped or cracked windshield should contact Auto Glass AAA for a professional repair or replacement job. We have been servicing the area for many years and our reputation as a solid and reliable auto glass company is second to none.

Rock chip damage to a windshield is a problem that affects motorists in the area every day and is one that has to be dealt with immediately. If the damage is slight, it has to be repaired to stop it spreading and becoming a major crack. And if it is bad enough to be distracting the driver then it is considered a hazard. 

A cracked windshield with a chip smaller than a quarter can be repaired by our mobile team of technicians. We use an epoxy filler to repair the glass so the crack doesn’t spread, and the process takes only 30 minutes. All signs of the damage will not be eliminated, it will still show a little, but the vehicle will be perfectly safe to drive. 

In the case of a crack larger than a quarter, it will be necessary to replace it. We often advise customers that replacement is a better option than repair. We handle insurance claims on your behalf and, if the windshield is leaking, we will replace it free of charge. 

At Auto Glass AAA, customer service is our number one priority and we are happy to travel anywhere within the Denver metro area free of charge to repair or replace your auto glass. We operate from a repair shop in Centennial but the mobile service is more suitable for most of our clients. 

So if you live in Denver and need a new windshield, call us at (303) 416-5632 right away. We will be with you in no time. 

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